3 Marketing Tactics That Will Drive Sales At Your Dealership

Now more than ever before, a savvy marketing strategy can make the difference between booming auto sales and closing up shop. As a car dealership owner, you have a vested interest in building the best possible platform for generating leads and cultivating customer loyalty. These sound like great goals, but how exactly do you go about achieving them? Fortunately, you can use a few relatively straightforward techniques to improve your overall visibility and drive an increased number of auto sales through your dealership.     

Technique #1: Boost Your Online Presence

It’s easier to close the deal once a customer is inside your dealership or test driving a car in-person. That being said, dealership owners just like you are having to develop and grow a wide variety of marketing assets in order to ensure that they can build the bridge between a prospective buyer and the test drive that eventually “seals the deal”. Although traditional media buying on television and radio is certainly still effective, there’s no denying that online marketing has dramatically redefined how any business owner communicates with prospective buyers. With that in mind, you should take time to evaluate your current online presence and see A.) what’s working and B.) what could be improved.    If your social media platforms are infrequently updated, this is a ‘red flag’ that you should address immediately. Customers often look to social media in order to gauge the “credibility” of a business. Make sure you regularly post updates, communicate frequently with individuals who may ask questions or make comments, and provide high quality images as needed of your dealership and inventory. You’ll be amazed how much of a difference this makes!  

Technique #2: Offer Something Unique

Conduct research and discover what your competitors are up to. What is driving sales at other local dealerships? Are these dealerships in the area offering perks or amenities that you aren’t? These two questions are incredibly important for all dealers, whether they consider themselves the “top of the heap” in the local community or an up-and-coming business. Never forget that the general user experience defines the likelihood of a sale. Even factors such as the congeniality of your sales team, the presence of “perks” in your showroom (coffee machines, televisions, marketing materials), and the willingness of your dealership to help customers walk out the door with the vehicle of their dreams will all play a major role.     

Technique #3: Hire the Experts at MOTiiV

Taking advantage of marketing services from MOTiiV will save you time and effort and bring quality leads to your dealership sales team. If all else fails, trust the experts to deliver results. Our marketing services are engineered to provide results. We provide dealership management with trackable results, ensuring that your marketing dollars are spent effectively. This allows dealership leaders to focus on important priorities, while MOTiiV handles your marketing needs.