With more and more car buyers doing their research online, car salespeople have become less valuable when it comes to driving information to consumers. Now car buyers can do a simple search on Google and find a world of information about their desired car. That’s made it tougher for car salespeople to do their jobs.

So how can your car dealership counter this? You can actually use it to your advantage. You’re wondering how to get more leads, and we want to help. Here are three ways to generate more leads at your car dealership.

Optimize Your Website

You don’t have to follow every tactic in the digital marketing book, but figuring out effective lead generation strategies that work for you is important. And when it comes to optimizing your website, optimizing it for search engines and making it mobile-friendly can go a long way.

If you aren’t creating content for SEO purposes and to also inform readers, then you’re missing out. The car-buying journey is taking place online and you can use it to your advantage by creating the content your customers are looking for. Hire a writer who knows how to implement keyword optimization into well-crafted articles. This will provide value to your readers as well as help you rank higher in search engines, making your blogs and websites easier to find.

In terms of making your website mobile-friendly, keep this statistic (via Statista) in mind: “As of February 2019, mobile devices accounted for 48 percent of web page views worldwide.”

People are using their phones to go online. If your website is slow, clunky, or pages and links don’t load, you’ll lose eyes. Your dealership and inventory are special, but you need to get your customers to your lot first. Create a mobile landscape that shows off your company’s values while highlighting ease of use, informative content, and an appealing website.

Get Active on Social Media and Build a Community

You don’t have to be on every social media network to see success in the form of an increase in leads. Stick to the networks your customers are on—getting your message in front of them is easier if you already know where they are.

Having a business page on social media makes you the authority figure and gives you another outlet for your customers. You can link to content from your site (this helps with SEO by creating links back to your site), answer questions about your inventory or common car concerns, or implement messenger marketing strategies that are similar to email marketing but tend to be more effective in the automotive industry.

You can even purchase social media ads that allow you to target local and national audiences alike, as well as a specific audience—your target audience. This method is cheaper than traditional methods, such as billboards and newspaper ads. You can also create YouTube ads that focus on test drives, car features, or video versions of your blogs.

Take Advantage of Lead Generation Services

If you want to maximize your lead potential, then we encourage you to optimize your website, utilize social media, and then also use MOTiiV’s lead generation services. Since consumers are turning to the internet for their vehicle shopping needs, our lead generation program captures this online audience and creates sales leads that are generated from automotive loan services and advertising mediums. We’ll deliver motivated and relevant consumers directly to you.

Every business is different and that makes the process of generating leads different for everyone. Some practices work better for some dealerships than others. Let us create a strategy that’s tailored to you and will actually produce results.

Car salespeople are still relevant, but car buyers hold all the power. They can search online for answers to their questions, as well as view vehicles and all the features. Previously, people had to go to a dealer for answers to their questions and to see what’s available. MOTiiV’s lead generation strategies can put you back in the driver’s seat.

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