Getting an edge in car advertisement shouldn’t be a process that starts in the dark. Search engines have become a great equalizer in offering opportunities for dealerships to reach a wider audience and customer base, and here are 4 keys we suggest to having a robust marketing plan for your dealership that actually improves the bottom line.

Offer Deals To People That Buy Cars

While obvious advice on the surface, it’s actually more uncommon at dealerships than you would think. This tactic seeks to create a deal specifically at an audience that you know is in the market for a new car. For example, dealerships have found success with rideshare drivers who drive for Uber and Lyft. These drivers have an incentive for newer, nicer cars based on those companies’ standards regarding age and condition of vehicles, which creates an opportunity for dealerships to target people in that market.

For rideshare drivers this means having a vehicle that is new and can withstand putting on lengthy, multi passenger trips in a city. Getting together with your marketing team to tap into that audience can be as simple as having a relevant deal that gets the attention of potential buyers.

Make Sure CRM Software Is Up To Date

A car buyer one day is a car buyer later on. Getting the best software available for small businesses like car dealerships can make a huge difference and even be the cornerstone of a sophisticated marketing strategy. Being able to pull up a list of former and potential car buyers is a huge asset that should be part of any serious marketing campaign.

Some popular CRM options that have generated buzz in the past year are DealerSocket CRM, Dominion Sales Center, and DealerPeak. Sales and marketing teams at dealerships across the country have trained and gotten results from top of the line CRM software, so don’t get behind in making sure you’re using the best software out there.

Data points are an advantage as well since any insight into customer position in the sales cycle can help give managers a clear look into the status of leads. Also follow up is easy for better long term capitalization of former buyers. This means looking for those features and data points when you shop for a CRM to make sure you’re getting the most from that software.

SEO Combined With Great Design Goes Far

Getting the right content on a car dealership site can be a challenge, but the work is far more valuable when a dealership’s web content (including its listings) looks amazing. Aim for amazing and it will reap benefits.

A dealership’s online presence is often a first touch point for buyers, and leaving a memorable impression is what a dealership should have as their main goal. The good news is that there are professionals out there that can get your dealership to have a stellar online presence, and investing in a good user experience could easily put you above the competition when it comes to impressing customers.

SEO (search engine optimization) is simply the art of gaining more non-paid search traffic to your site, some of the highest converting traffic a business can have. These can come from either a local listing or an organic listing in search engines, and though there are over 200 “signals” that improve search rankings, some tactics can improve traffic more significantly than others. One is website content, mainly the text and images on a site. Recent, relevant content on a website that’s regularly updated can go far in improving search traffic, and should be a cornerstone in any serious dealership’s online marketing strategy.

Combined with the updated CRM software mentioned above, a dealership has an excellent shot at cornering its market and building a great name for itself with local buyers.

Online Presence Management Is Essential

Reputation is so much in the car sales business. It seems a few lousy reviews could do significant damage than if the winds catch the news just right. This means any marketing strategy at a dealership will include preemptive, round-the-clock monitoring of the dealership’s online reputation.

This can be as simple as having someone dedicated to monitoring new reviews across the web and responding within 12 hours at most. This sends a message of engagement and concern for customer satisfaction. And though a dealership has no control over who and what is written in those reviews, they do have control over their response. Indifference is the worst brand response, so any thoughtful show of concern toward a bad or mediocre review can do wonders.

Dealerships must know that customers have a much higher trust rating for reviews given by real people rather than the dealership team. This means finding opportunities to push for positive reviews on several search engines across the web, since customers place such high authority on what other customers have to say about their experience. Also leveraging those reviews on the dealership website can be a smart tactic for highlighting previous positive experiences that are honest and influential.

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