Whether car dealerships want to hear it or not, most customers would rather go to the dentist than to a dealership.

Most customers believe the car buying experience is like pulling teeth. In fact, they think it’s worse.

So how can you make the car buying experience better for your customers? How can you make it easier?

While every individual dealership is different and should incorporate tailored strategies, here are five universal ways to make the car buying experience easier for your customers.

1. Beef Up Your Website

There’s a reason why digital marketers continue to say businesses need a quality website if they want to attract customers and look more professional. That’s because it works.

If your website is clunky, slow, or hard to navigate, then customers will simply find a different website with similar products and services.

While some companies focus their efforts on the desktop version, mobile needs to take precedence as most people now get their news and information from their smartphones. More likely than not, a good majority of your customers are viewing your site from their phones.

If you’re wondering how to get more customers, you can start with a good product across the board, which includes your website.

Since many customers prefer to start the car buying search online, your website needs to provide a good experience. That means it needs to be user-friendly, especially when viewed on a mobile device.

2. Get to Know Your Customers

If you want to make things easier for your customers, then you need to get to know them first. You might have a target audience in mind and that’s an important first step, but do you really know who your customers are?

Do you know what they want?

Do you know what they’re looking for in the car buying process?

Do you know what questions they’re asking?

You can get a better understanding of your customers and answer the above questions by incorporating lead generation strategies.

3. Incorporate Lead Generation Strategies

One of the biggest questions dealers have is: How do I get more customers at a car dealership?

A strategy your competitors are likely already using, and one you should incorporate as well, is lead generation.

Lead generation is how you attract customers and get them to give you their contact information, such as name, phone number, and email address. This is important because it signals that a customer is interested in your dealership. They want to purchase a car and they’re giving you permission to contact them.

However, lead generation can be a tricky process, which is why we offer it as a service to dealerships to make your life easier.

MOTiiV’s lead generation program captures the online audience and creates sales leads that are generated from automotive type loan services and advertising mediums. We ensure consumers are aware that after applying they’ll be contacted by an approved dealership within the network. Needless to say, our services can help you turn more leads into purchases.

4. Give Your Customers What They Want

If you really want to improve the car buying experience, then give your customers what they want.

How do you know what they want? By following up on leads and reaching out to interested customers. By asking informative questions that not only benefit your company but your customers as well. By listening to your customers and taking suggestions and feedback into account.

Your customers want a good deal. They want this entire process to be as smooth as possible, from the moment they step foot on your lot to the moment the F&I process is in the books and they’re driving away in their new car. They also want you to be transparent and drop the pushy car salesperson act. Above all else, they want to find quality cars at reasonable prices.

5. Provide a Better Sales Experience

Speaking of pushy car salespeople, if you want to make this experience better for your customers, then you won’t try to force them into cars that don’t fit their needs and deals that don’t make sense for their budget.

You need to create a sales culture that benefits and caters to the customer. You can do so by streamlining processes and incorporating updated technology. For example, minimizing the handoffs and conducting the entire transaction on the sales floor can help to build trust and save time. Technology, such as tablets, eliminates paper and can also speed up processes, while also making your customers feel more comfortable as opposed to the same old cliche experience of “singing your life away” on a stack of papers.

Your customers deserve a good experience and they should feel comfortable every step of the way. By incorporating the techniques above, you can provide exactly that, which will lead to satisfied customers and booming sales — everyone really can win.

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