In order to manage a successful and growing dealership, there are a lot of plates to keep spinning. What if you could toss some of the more time-consuming tasks off-site so you could focus more of your attention on selling cars and providing better service?

One task that is not only time consuming but that can make or break the growth of a dealership is finance portfolio management. You could hire someone in-house, but smart business owners—ones who want their dealership to grow—have found that using a virtual portfolio management solution is a better option.

Five important benefits of virtual finance portfolio management include:

  1. Frees Up Your Time“But I like having my finance guy in-house.”We get it. It’s convenient to be able to walk down the hall to chat about whether or not you’ll be able to get a difficult case approved. But wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to spend your time dealing with those situations at all?This is where MOTiiV’s Virtual Portfolio Management comes in.
  2. An Entire Team on Your Side

    Our services provide a way to leverage over $75 million in funded contracts each month. Can your guy down the hall do that?Even if you find and hire the best car dealership portfolio manager in the business, you still only have one guy, and the hefty salary of a guy like that is likely affecting your bottom line. When you choose MOTiiV’s Virtual Portfolio Management, you have an entire team of experts whose sole focus is helping you succeed. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction, so you can be sure that we go the extra mile to help you grow your revenue and deliver more car sales.
  3. Increase in RevenueWant to see an across-the-board increase in revenue? Want to deliver more vehicles to your customers? Our virtual program will help you do it by providing groundbreaking features and impressive benefits such as:
    • Unique Lender Pilot Programs
    • Condensed Lender Programs
    • Executive Lender Access
    • CIT Management
    • STIP Assistance
    • Maximize Approvals
  4. Total Portfolio Management and Lender RelationsOne of the points of using a virtual finance portfolio solution is to make things simpler—that won’t happen if you need to hire different providers for various services. MOTiiV offers all-inclusive management and lender relations that will help boost your dealership gross.
  5. Cost-Effective SolutionsOur comprehensive services are surprisingly affordable. An in-house team means hiring additional people as your dealership grows, but MOTiiV can manage your portfolio no matter how much growth you experience.

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