With a continuous rise in purchases being made online and more than a third of car buyers visiting only one dealership before they buy a car, it’s vital that your dealership is prepared and can effectively close deals. Providing sales training for your employees has many benefits that will result in successful employees and a successful business.

Keep reading to see how your dealership can benefit from a real sales training program.

1. Creating Experts

Let’s face it. The internet makes it all too easy for consumers to feel like experts on any topic. Recent findings have shown that car buyers spend an average of 61% of the buying process doing their own research online. That means it’s important that salesmen are truly the experts and know more than those coming in to purchase a vehicle. With an outlined sales training, you can provide your employees with the knowledge they need to know in order to be the expert in their conversations.

2. Employee Retainment

Car dealerships have a history of high turnover rates, but there is a way to reduce that at your dealership. Studies have shown that when employees feel that they are being given the proper tools to succeed, they are happier in their job role and are more likely to stay with a company. Proper sales training will provide your employees with the necessary tools they need to be successful in their roles. If your staff members feel you are investing in them, they will be more likely to invest more time and effort back into the company. Unhappy and unsuccessful employees tend to leave in search for something better.

3. Being Prepared

Unexpected situations happen and conflicts occur but the more prepared your employees are to handle conflict when/if it happens, the more successful the outcome will be. Sales training can and should include covering common situations that can occur so you can give your employees an opportunity to see the correct and incorrect ways to handle given situations. If your employees are all on the same page and have a conflict resolution guide to refer to, they will be more successful in turning a situation around and will be a better representation for your company. They will also feel more confident in their roles and feel more prepared.

4. Identifying Areas of Change

One of the easiest ways to identify needed changes is by going directly to the source and asking your employees their opinions. Sales training is a perfect way to get your employees together to review what is currently being done and get suggestions on what they would change. Your employees know the pains of the sales process because they are practicing it and are your first line of defense. They see firsthand what has worked and what hasn’t. Asking their opinion will also make them feel valued and will improve employee morale.

5. Boost Sales

The obvious perk of sales training is an increase in sales. If you identify weak areas, value your employees’ inputs, and give your employees all the tools they need to be successful, you will see an increase in company morale, a decrease in employee turnover, and ultimately an increase in sales for your business.

At MOTiiV, we are focused on the success of your employees and your dealership. That is why we only provide performance-based training, meaning you only pay when results are achieved. Click here to learn more about our sales training program.