Smart Payment Plan® is a service that allows you to match monthly payments to your paydays, simplifying your budget and helping you pay your bills more conveniently.

1. Convenience

Say goodbye to writing and mailing checks or setting payment reminders. With Smart Payment Plan, your payments are not only smaller, but they’re automated too.

2. Match Payments to Paydays

Simplify your budget and improve your cash flow by breaking up your one payment into two smaller payments split between your paychecks.

3. Accelerate Loan Term

Reduce your debt sooner, with home mortgages paid off up to 7 years faster and auto loans up to 8 months faster.

4. Reduce Interest Charges

Paying off your loans faster reduces the total interest paid over the term of the loan and eliminates the risk of late fees.

5. Build Equity Faster

Your payments attribute to the loan principal, helping you to own your car or home sooner AND own more when you sell or trade.

6. Safe and Secure Payments

Don’t worry about the risk that comes with writing a check. Rest easy knowing your account is safe with our secure electronic payment processing system.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Less paper saves trees, and less mail reduces carbon emissions.

8. Lifetime Membership

Once you enroll with Smart Payment Plan, you’re a member for life. This allows you to add unlimited additional fixed monthly bills such as mortgage, student loans, rent, daycare, etc.

MOTiiV offers this payment processing plan in partnership with Smart Payment Plan®. Contact us today to learn more about how this can benefit both you and your customer.