How To Generate More Leads For Your Dealership in 2021

Generating quality leads for your sales team can be a frequently faced challenge but it doesn’t have to be. MOTiiV is an expert in generating automotive leads for car dealerships, turning your challenges into opportunities. To help you get started, here are seven of the best methods for generating quality leads and improving sales for your dealership.

Generate Automotive Sales Leads With SEO Optimization

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the volume and quality of the visitors to your dealership website. By optimizing your website for search engines like Google, you can generate a constant source of new leads without using paid methods. SEO is a broad and complicated subject, but there are a handful of specific things you can do right away to start generating valuable leads.

  1. Do some research and create a list of keywords for your website.
  2. Next, update the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for all of your most important keywords to match those keywords.
  3. Finally, update the written content on your website to remove auto-generated content and replace it with useful content written by and for humans. It’s important that you use your keywords as much as you can without stuffing them into places they don’t fit.

Create New Landing Pages To Attract Automotive Leads

Each page on your website should serve a unique and compelling purpose. It’s important not to go overboard and create so many pages that your website is a jumbled mess. It’s also just as important that all of your website’s pages are not competing with each other for attention in search results. To avoid this, creating new pages that target something different will drastically improve your visibility in search results.

For example, try creating unique search results pages for each of the different types of vehicles you sell. Some consumers will be looking for new SUVs, while others will be searching for used trucks. If you only have one singular inventory page for all of your cars you might not be able to effectively capture both potential customers. Another common tactic is creating informational pages about each model of vehicle sold at your dealership.

Generate Leads With Local SEO

Smartphones are all about immediacy. More and more Google searches are happening on phones and a majority of those Google searches have some kind local intent. People aren’t just searching for “where to buy a car” – they’re looking for “where to buy a car near me”. Your dealership can take advantage of these trends by optimizing your local SEO presence on places like Google My Business and internet listings like Yellow Page and Yelp. Claim your business listing on all of these places and make sure your name, address, and phone number are completely consistent.

Generating Leads With Blog Posts

Car dealerships can attract thousands of visitors to their website every single month with blog articles, but only if you’re writing about topics that are highly-searched and genuinely useful to your target audience. Consider writing about the topics that are trending in your specific niche, like highly-anticipated new models or concept cars that can capture the attention of potential consumers. There’s also a huge demand for evergreen content for vehicle owners, with advice about things like how to maintain cars. Check out MOTiiV’s useful guide to the best blog topics for car dealerships if you’d like some pointers to get started.

Generating Automotive Leads With Social Media

Facebook is still the biggest game in town when it comes to active users, but dealerships can find success on platforms like YouTube or Snapchat if they’re willing to invest enough time and creativity to stand out. To get started, consider creating video series designed to answer common questions about car ownership or the car-buying process. Another helpful approach that can boost your social media presence and automotive leads is engaging in community building by frequently posting about your newest vehicles or behind-the-scenes style videos of your dealership.

Generating Leads With Paid Advertising Methods

Digital advertising methods deliver something advertisers crave: control. Social media platforms, search engines, and display networks allow dealerships to target audiences with precision as well as have the ability to track ROI. Take advantage of these opportunities to really invest in creative and ambitious campaigns and double down when you see a return on your advertising dollars. Many lead generation methods require a leap of faith, so don’t take the benefits of paid digital advertising for granted. Give your campaigns time to be successful but also know how to see when it’s time to switch things up.

MOTiiV Lead Generation

Our lead generation program is the one method on this list that’s specifically designed to deliver ONLY motivated consumers directly to you. Sales leads are generated from automotive type loan services and advertising mediums. Consumers are aware that they will be contacted by a dealership representative within the approved dealer network, which greatly increases the quality of the automotive sales leads.

Give us a call if you’d like an active partner to step in and work to generate qualified leads for your dealership!