What is it that makes one Business Development Manager more successful than another? In truth, there’s no simple answer to this question. That being said, there are specific attributes that successful managers display which consistently help them deliver outstanding results and keep customers happy. Whether you’re just entering the field or have years of experience in business development, we hope you can find something to benefit from in this description of qualities and skills that lead to better business development success.

1. Be Personable

First and foremost, a Business Development Manager needs to be personable. So much of the automotive industry involves engaging with members of the community on both a professional and personal level. Whether you are planning a synergistic partnership with parts manufacturers or dealerships, or are simply looking to schedule a meeting with a new customer, your method for engaging with other individuals will determine the effectiveness of more “technical” methods moving forward. Before you jump on your next call, take a moment to ask yourself specifically how you would like others to see/hear you and what you hope you and your audience can gain from the encounter.

2. Pay Attention to Detail

An almost-surgical level, attention to detail is also an absolute must-have for successful Business Development Managers. Given the wide array of tasks and to-do’s that so often present themselves, these professionals must be able to meet all deadlines and satisfy a diverse collection of pressing requests without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s brushing up on your organizational techniques or refining your time management toolkit, you will need to make sure that your work is impeccable even on the busiests of days.

3. Keep Service Schedules in Check

As you can probably imagine, navigating service schedules efficiently is not only a requisite for successful Business Development Managers in the auto industry, but also a highly effective tool for optimizing workflow and saving time in the process. Today’s vehicles are placed on a highly detailed service schedule from the moment the customer drives away from the dealership. Keeping a close eye on these timelines will not only help ensure that your customers receive the best possible service, but also keep your reputation as a “customer-first” manager intact.

4. Be Patient

Like it or not, congeniality and patience are absolutely indispensable, if only because so much of this industry involves navigating service requests and the inevitable impatience that customers bring with them to these requests. Servicing vehicles has long been a rock on which an auto dealership flourishes. As a Business Development Manager, you’ll be subjected to a wide gamut of customers, ranging from the almost inhumanely patient to those who are quick to blame you for all of their vehicle issues. As hard as it may be to accomplish, each of these customers must be given the same level of respect and professionalism.

5. Never Stop Learning

A willingness to learn and grow rounds out our list of indispensable Business Development Manager attributes. The industry is in constant flux, and an open-mind (and ears) are certainly outstanding tools for staying a step ahead of the curve.

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