Online car buying has become more and more popular, and this trend started well before COVID-19 made contactless transactions so common. The truth is that some buyers find visiting a dealership to be intimidating or a hassle, so being able to conduct some or all of the car buying process online is an attractive alternative to many people.

The good news is that you don’t have to shut down your dealership and transition to an internet-based business, but there are some things you can do to make sure you don’t miss out on the buyers who start their searches online.

Spruce Up Your Website

Even buyers who plan to head to the dealership usually take a look at the website of a few of their local dealerships. If yours is stuck in the 90s, that isn’t going to help you make a sale. There was a time that a smiling salesman was a buyer’s first impression of your business; today your website or social media presence makes the first impression—what is the same is that you don’t get a second chance to make a good one.

If it’s been a while, hire a professional to revamp your website and make sure it’s populated with compelling content that explains why your dealership is the one they should visit.

Social Media

Your website and social media go hand in hand, and it could be argued that a good social media presence is even more important than a good website (although we’d say it’s equal). Facebook and Instagram give you a chance to reach thousands—or even millions—of potential buyers in your area. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to using social to help with online car sales, don’t worry. There are many agencies that can help, and the small investment will be well worth it.

List Your Cars Online

This may sound painfully obvious, but many dealerships are not diligent about updating their inventory online. Ideally, potential buyers should be able to visit the site, click on the car they like, get all of the information they’d need to make a decision, and then either place the car on hold or even make an offer online. Even if they’ll need to come in to finalize the deal, the more they can accomplish online, the bigger share of the online car sales market you’ll be able to capture.


If a buyer comes onto your lot, and no one helps them after a few minutes, there is a good chance they’ll just leave and go somewhere else. The same is true for online car sales. There are two common mistakes dealers make: 1) They don’t respond in a timely manner to online inquiries and 2) They have a non-sales person do the initial follow-up. When someone inquires online about a car, they should be treated exactly the same as if they were on the lot. You wouldn’t have a receptionist deal with an in-person lead, so you shouldn’t have a receptionist be the initial contact to an online lead.

Take Advantage of MOTiiV’s Lead Generation Program

What if you could take online shoppers and convert them into leads for your dealerships—and not just any leads, but pre-qualified, ready-to-buy customers? That’s what MOTiiV does for dealerships who take part in our online automotive Lead Generation Program. The quality leads we supply are highly motivated buyers. Plus, you’re able to choose the requirements of the leads we supply. That means you’re able to handpick your perfect customers.

Contact MOTiiV today to learn more about our Lead Generation Program and about all the other services we offer that can help your dealership grow. Give us a call to schedule a consultation.