Successful businesses minimize waste, but one type of waste that is often overlooked is that of the potential of underutilized or undeveloped employees.

On your payroll right now could be the person who comes up with the next big idea or who has within them the ability to inspire the sales team to hit new records or to motivate employee loyalty in such a way that turnover is almost non-existent.

While that person may already be on your payroll, you may never know it unless you find ways to bring out their leadership skills and make sure none of their potential is wasted.

Cultivating a Winning Culture

Is the next leader who could be an integral part of taking your business to the next level going unnoticed? MOTiiV’s team leadership training program helps to identify and hone important leadership qualities in your most promising employees.

These qualities include:


The best leaders—true leaders—have skills that go beyond dealing with the issues of today; they are also able see where they would like their team to be in the future, and they understand that many decisions made today should be part of achieving those long-term goals.

Ability to Make Decisions

Waffling back and forth is a time waster—and it’s also how big deals are lost. A leader is willing to make the tough decisions even when they are unpopular. This quality allows fleeting opportunities to be seized rather than wasted.

Ability to Motivate

A leader who can motivate their team is one of the keys to growth and increased profits. This includes bringing out potential, recognizing strengths, and instilling confidence in employees. When an employee believes in their own ability and knows they are supported by management, they’ll feel the sky is the limit and will be willing to go the extra mile. This goes a long way in improving employee performance.

Willingness to Delegate

The leaders of today prepare the leaders of tomorrow. That’s why the best are not micromanagers, but rather they are willing to let those who work under them take on tasks and experience growth. This willingness to delegate is a way for exemplary employees to stand out and to free up the leaders’ time for other tasks.


Making decisions and delegating are only done effectively by someone with confidence. A leader needs to believe in their own abilities and worth before they can inspire others. It’s of note that arrogance and confidence aren’t the same, and an arrogant leader rarely wins the respect of their team. A confident leader, on the other hand, will find it much easier to earn the admiration of their employees.


Different situations call for different leadership styles, and a good leader is willing to change their tact if something isn’t working or isn’t appropriate in a particular circumstance. Leaders who are rigid and refuse to try new things are not effective. Those who are able to go with the flow and make adjustments as needed will be able to deal with various contingencies and still maintain a smooth operation.


Being able to clearly communicate an idea or directive is an absolute must in a successful leader. Signs that this is absent include the leader getting frustrated when people don’t understand what he or she is trying to get across. Poor communication leads to frustration from the top on down while clear communication helps to improve employee performance.

If you’d like to make sure no employee potential is wasted, contact MOTiiV today to learn more about our leadership training and to schedule a consultation.