Dealerships can be a hub of activity with new customers walking in and out the doors during open hours. Making the most of each team member’s time can make a massive difference in meeting and exceeding sales expectations for your team. And every dealership is going to have a dedicated automotive sales team that’s ready to intercept new business as it walks through the door, but what can a Finance and Insurance (F&I) employee do to help with sales?


Spend Time At The Sales Desk For More Opportunities

Take turns closing deals within the department to help with training and understanding objections from customers all throughout the process. Your dealership might have a finance and insurance team that has plenty of experience closing deals, but getting more face time at all levels of the sales process is a big advantage to your team. An easy way to promote this is to encourage regular rotation of salespeople starting and closing deals with customers.

In addition, it helps to create more opportunities on your sales team to show them that the business manager has their back, and supports them throughout the customer journey from the moment they walk into the dealership. This kind of support bolsters your team and sends a message of confidence.

Help Your Sales Team Boost Business

So much more than face-to-face conversation happens with your sales team. It’s not just the initial interaction that a sales team is responsible for, but logistics like scheduling appointments, appraising trades, and other day-to-day tasks fall under a level of team responsibilities. The F&I office can start helping with any opportunity that can arise in a customer journey. Offering support on these tasks can streamline and accelerate getting customers through the door and closing deals in the F&I office.

There’s also an opportunity for training during downtime to help with new processes or tasks that newer team members might not be as adept at taking on just yet. This not only increases efficiency, but builds a stronger team. Downtime during slower seasons for a dealership can be a great time to share some of these responsibilities, and like the suggestion above, can help exceed expectations when inbound opportunities are scarce. Which takes us to our next suggestion.

Build Traffic & Customers With More Outbound Reach

A big opportunity for the F&I office to grow the bottom line at a dealership is to help grow new business by being the frontline in driving more traffic to the office. Often, the best closers are in the F&I office, but any involvement in other parts of a customer’s sales journey can make a massive difference in growing new business. This can be as simple as making outbound phone calls or speaking to customers in the service department. These are likely opportunities that improve the bottom line and your F&I team can capitalize on outside the well-beaten path of closing deals.

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