Providing great value for your customers is a must in order for a dealership to maintain a reputation as a trustworthy place to buy a car or truck, but you can still find ways to boost your bottom line while maintaining competitive prices on vehicles.

The F&I office has long been a place to add to the profit of a sale, but many budget-conscience customers will not purchase extended warranties for several hundred dollars a year—even if your best salesperson is on the job.

While the big-dollar extras are a no-go with some buyers, more moderately priced protections, such as MOTiiV’s ancillary warranties, appeal to those customers’ sense of value.

Improve Your Gross With Comprehensive Ancillary Warranties

MOTiiV has built our business on helping car dealership owners improve their businesses, and our ancillary warranties allow you to offer your customers a host of non-core products and help you tap into revenue once overlooked.

The large number of available products improves the chance of a sale.

Did the guy who bought a sports car splurge for upgraded tires? Talk to him about the tire and wheel warranty.

Did a teenage girl just get her first car? Her dad will love the idea of a custom roadside assistance plan.

Did the woman who just bought her first brand new car go on and on about how much she loved the paint job? She won’t be able to resist the paint and interior protection.

The ability to offer these protections individually allows your sales team to find a way to appeal to just about every buyer, and most who see the value buy more than one ancillary warranty.

Keep Your Prices Competitive

You have to keep your car prices competitive, so any chance to earn extra revenue with ancillary products cannot be overlooked.

MOTiiV’s comprehensive protections include:

  • Tire and Wheel
  • Windshield Repair and Replacement
  • Custom Roadside Assistance
  • Key Replacement
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Theft Protection
  • Paint and Interior Protection
  • Custom Maintenance Products
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection

Join the thousands of dealerships that have seen an impressive growth in gross revenue by offering ancillary warranties. Contact MOTiiV today to learn more about how ancillary warranties can help you enjoy the fruits of this often untapped revenue source.

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