Whether you own or manage a car dealership, you know it’s a competitive business. Why do some dealerships have customers waiting their turn for a salesperson while others have trouble bringing people in?

Learning how to get more customers and driving traffic to your lot is a must. Gone are the days when a catchy TV ad or a half-page ad in the newspaper was enough. As the number of dealerships has increased and the way people get information has changed, dealership management needs to find new, more effective ways to draw a crowd.

Web Marketing and Social

It can’t be ignored. If your website isn’t drawing traffic then your dealership probably isn’t either. You could go it alone or let the new kid in Service who knows how to boost Facebook posts handle your online presence, or you could do what the big boys do and hire someone who can take your dealership to the next level.
Making the most of your website and social media presence involves specialized skills. It’s not something to try down the road—it’s a priority if you want to grow your business.

Lead Generation Services

Don’t just ask yourself “how do I drive more traffic to my dealership?”; ask how to drive qualified customers. MOTiiV delivers customers who are ready to buy. Plus, our proprietary system provides leads that have already been approved by a lender.
If you get your website and social media right, that will help attract the customers looking for you. Lead generation services like MOTiiV’s cast a much wider net by attracting leads from anyone looking for automotive loans and similar services in your area.

Imagine an inbox full of pre-qualified, motivated buyers. That’s what MOTiiV delivers.

Business Development Services

The question of how to get more customers should include all of your dealerships’ offerings. Increase traffic to both sales and service departments for the life of the customer with customized solutions that generates new business and increases customer retention.

MOTiiV offers sales and service calls, inbound appointment setting, service retention, lease renewal notifications, and other services designed to increase customer loyalty and confidence in your dealership.
The best answers to “how do I drive more traffic to my dealership?” involve a multi-faceted approach that will attract new customers and help ensure that existing customers stick with you for life. Proven products like those offered by MOTiiV will help keep your sales and service departments busy and take your dealership to the next level.

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