Recent studies have shown that 61% of the consumer buying experience is spent online. With an increase in car shoppers researching and buying online, it is vital that your dealership can quickly and efficiently convert a lead into a sale. Optimizing your website for mobile, creating an online presence through social media platforms, and using automated messaging are just some of the beginning steps that need to be taken to boost your dealership’s reach. What it comes down to is using lead generation strategies and converting those leads into sales through quality interactions.

Maximize Your Lead Potential with a Sales Lead Generation Program

Lead generation programs are a great way to get promising leads that are more likely to turn into closing deals. At MOTiiV, we want to maximize your lead potential by providing you with motivated customers ready to buy. Our Lead Generation program for dealerships creates sales leads from consumers applying for online automotive type loan services. These sales leads are then sent to your dealership representatives based on the criteria you have specified. Consumers will be notified that they will be contacted by a dealership representative after they apply, so it’s important that you stick to the following tips in order to close as many leads as possible.

1. Use Templates and Establish Language

In order to ensure that your sales representatives are representing your dealership the way you want them to while also giving consumers quality service, it’s beneficial to create a template that your employees can follow. Templates and approved language provide your employees with a standard way of communicating, whether it’s over the phone, in person, through email, through online messaging, or even on social media. Online consumer shopping, online chats, and social media have become popular ways for consumers to communicate with dealerships. This also means that whatever is said is out there for anyone to see. That is why it is vital that your employees think before they speak and, when in doubt, use the template. These necessary communication references will guide your employees in representing your dealership professionally while keeping your sales leads happy.

2. Quick and Timely Responses

We live in a fast-paced environment where consumers can quickly access information in minutes with a stroke of a few keys. Consumers want information fast and that includes receiving responses in a timely matter. Studies have shown that online shoppers who receive a response within a few minutes are three times more likely to visit the dealership. With consumers only visiting an average of two dealerships before they make a purchase, it’s vital that you are one of those dealerships.

You know that phrase “strike while the iron is hot”? Well it couldn’t be truer. A consumer’s highest point of interest in buying a car is when they ask for information. Whether they send a message through your website, use online chatting, reach out via social media, make a call, or you receive a potential buyer from your sales lead generation program, you need to have a system set in place where those leads are being responded to almost immediately. With automated chatting tools and technology, you can even respond to consumers in the middle of the night with a follow-up by a live person during business hours. Respond and convert those leads into sales.

3. Thorough and Detailed Responses

While responding in a timely matter to a lead is important, it’s equally important to provide a thorough and detailed response. If a potential customer is asking you the price of a particular vehicle, tell them the price along with added features and special additions that are included with that price. You can even provide information on similar vehicles in that price range or offer a used version that comes with more for less. Even though they asked you about a certain vehicle, providing them with extra details or more options will increase the likelihood of them purchasing a vehicle. It may be one of the alternatives you mentioned.

If your dealer representatives are providing one word or short responses, the consumer may be discouraged by the price or even by the lack of interest from the salesman. What could have been a potential car buyer turns into several failed closing attempts due to a lack of communication.

4. Listen

Along with providing detailed responses, it’s also important to listen to what your potential buyers are saying. If a customer is asking you for current promotions but they are only interested in seven-passenger SUVs to accommodate their large family, then you shouldn’t go into detail about your sale on crossovers. Providing as much detail to increase the odds of a sale is only beneficial if the information you are providing pertains to what the customer wants. Not to mention potential customers will feel frustrated if they feel like you aren’t listening to them. While this may seem obvious, some salesmen can get caught up in repeating the same sales pitch instead of listening to what their customers are saying and providing a thoughtful response.

5. Exceptional Customer Service

Recent studies have shown that 61% of recent car buyers said their car buying experience hasn’t improved since the last time they bought a car. With a high number of ratings resulting in average or below average scores, that’s too many displeased customers. Providing exceptional customer service will not only set you apart from the rest, but it will increase your leads-to-sales conversion rate.

And when we say exceptional, we mean going above and beyond to make each and every customer feel valued. One of the easiest ways your dealership can do this is by having a focus on finding the best vehicle for a potential buyer instead of trying to make the biggest sale. When a buyer feels like their needs aren’t being met or they feel like they are being swindled, the likelihood of a sale decreases significantly. Your dealership representatives can avoid this by asking potential buyers questions, listening to their responses, and directly answering any questions they have. With a focus on education and reassurance, consumers will feel valued and heard. Proper sales training is a great way to introduce and train employees on this style of selling.

Not only is it important to have good lead generation strategies, but it’s important that your dealer representatives are successful in converting leads into sales. With the help of our sales lead generation program and our guide to closing leads, we can help you improve the way your dealership does business. Click here to learn more about our lead generation program.