Increasing sales at your dealership service department relies, of course, on increasing traffic. The more potential customers who come for an estimate or small service, such as an oil change, the more of those “leads” that will translate into increased sales.  Increasing traffic to your dealership most effectively will come not by implementing one method, but by layering methods to maximize traffic and maximize growth.  Here are 5 ways to increase traffic to your dealership’s service department:

Method #1

Service Retention

It costs less to retain a current customer than it does to acquire a new one. That’s why service retention is absolutely vital to your service department. Ways to do this include being diligent about sending reminders for maintenance, following up about completed services, and notifying them about any applicable manufacturer programs.  The other upside to retaining your customers is that long-term customers are more likely to refer others to your service department—and word-of-mouth referrals cost you nothing. 

Method #2

Recall Notices and Calls

Some vehicle owners put off a visit to the service department even when they know they need it. If their car or truck has a recall, they are more likely to visit and to take care of all the issues they’ve been putting off.  Many dealerships send out written notices of recalls, but those are often mistaken for junk mail and end up in the trash. Following up with a phone call will make your efforts more fruitful. 

Method #3

Setting Follow Up Appointments

No matter why the customer is in your service center, you can find a reason to book a follow-up appointment. Whether it’s for their next routine maintenance or to perform an inspection on a major service they had done, setting their next appointment is an excellent way to ensure a return visit.  Don’t just make the appointment—reminders are key. Sending notices via email, snail mail, text, and/or phone calls will help to guarantee more of those follow-up appointments are kept.

Method #4

Inbound Appointment Setting

Answering on the first or second ring, a pleasant greeting, and a willingness to work to accommodate the caller are all musts in order to turn an in-bound call into an appointment. If your service department is so busy that calls go unanswered, you need to do something to change that. A potential customer is likely to just move on to the next service center if their call isn’t answered quickly. 

Method #5

Turn-Key Solutions from MOTiiV

You may have read through the above list and wondered where you’d find the manpower to make all of those things happen. We get it, and that’s why we provide custom business development solutions that take some of these tasks off of your plate so that your team can focus on the customers who are in front of them.  Our turn-key solutions will drive more traffic to your service department and help you retain customers for life. The services we provide are delivered by professionals who are an excellent representation of your business and who will instill trust in your customers and potential customers.  Ready to learn more? Contact MOTiiV today to speak with a business development specialist and to take the first step towards driving more traffic—and sales—to your dealership’s service center.