While ROI varies among dealerships, following best practices and procedures will ensure more success for your business. Dealers who follow our guide have no problem selling at least 15% of the leads provided.

While lead generation delivers motivated customers directly to you, it’s your job to convert that lead to a sale. You’re not on your own though. Follow the tips below for an ROI sure to exceed your expectations.

  1. Call the lead at the time specified. If no time is specified, call ASAP.
  2. Set up an appointment within 72 hours.
  3. Call or text the customer the day before the appointment as well as a few hours before to confirm.
  4. Utilize text messaging when the customer does not answer your call.
  5. Some customers may be adamant about their pre-approval amount or interest rate – let the customer know you have financing options available and get them to the store to discuss those options.

For a more detailed list of best practices and information on how to implement the strategies above, sign up for MOTiiV’S lead generation program today.