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MOTiiV features a vast selection of ancillary warranty policies set to maximize gross and consumer protection. We pride our self on our ability to customize these individual products to deliver you a specialized solution that aims to meet the unique needs of your customers.

Ancillary Warranties & Aftermarket Products

MOTiiV provides the best aftermarket finance products for car dealerships. These products allow automotive dealerships to specialized solutions that create unique value for customers and additional revenue streams for the dealership.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

MOTiiV can work with your dealership F&I department to offer Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance plans that supplement automotive insurance and protect your customer’s new vehicle.


Tire and Wheel Coverage

Customers are often eager to shield themselves from road hazards and unexpected costs not covered by traditional warranties or automotive insurance plans. Tire and Wheel protection can eliminate the risk of road hazards and protects against the cost of replacing new wheels or tires. This also allows drivers to choose the pricier, upscale tire and wheel upgrades they might otherwise have reservations about.


Key Replacement Protection

Key Replacement protection can save drivers hundreds of dollars. As car keys become more advanced, the cost of replacing a car key skyrockets. With key replacement protection, that cost can be reduced or covered completely. This is a win/win situation for the dealership and customers.


Windshield Repair & Replacement Plans

Windshield Repair and Replacement warranty plans can cover repair to windshield cracks or the cost of windshield replacement when irreparable damage occurs. Providing this warranty coverage allows your dealership to go above and beyond to protect your customers.


Paintless Dent Repair

Car dealerships that offer paintless dent repair protection plans enable drivers to maintain the exterior of their vehicle. One of the greatest allures of a shiny new vehicle is the visual appeal of new paint and modern exterior styling. However, it can be nerve-wracking to drive a new car into crowded parking lots and busy spaces because of the fear of scratches and dents. Paintless dent repair protection makes it easy and affordable to eliminate door dings, dents, and visual imperfections without costly and time-consuming appointments at the body repair shop. This optional protection is much-appreciated by customers who choose their vehicle based on visual appearance.


Automotive Protection & Warranties for Dealerships

MOTiiV provides a wide array of additional automotive protection plans & warranty coverages. We can work with your dealership team to customize a solution that is as beneficial as possible for your customers and your dealership bottom line.


  • Paint and Interior Protection
  • Theft Protection
  • Custom Roadside Assistance
  • Custom Maintenance Products


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While the big-dollar extras are a no-go with some buyers, more moderately priced protections, such as MOTiiV’s ancillary warranties, appeal to those customers’ sense of value.

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