In business, as in life, the road ahead is unpredictable. Seeing the obstacles around the next turn takes clear vision. It demands adaptability. It requires expertise only obtained through experience.

It just so happens;
we excel at all three.

Whether it’s for our dealership partners, sales agents, or the end consumer, we provide automotive solutions for the road ahead. We look for answers to questions that haven’t been asked in the automotive industry. Earning your long-term trust is our top motiivation.

That’s why we’ve assembled a strong team that constantly focuses on automotive product and service development. It’s why we customize our approach with each of our partners.

With our products and services, we motivate the customer to act. With our expertise, we are defining the automotive echelon.

We Inspire Innovation.
We are MOTiiV.

Vision. Adaptability.


MOTiiV is a privately held automotive solution company dedicated to providing dealers and agents access to world-class products and services. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, MOTiiV gives our automotive partners the keys to success.

We understand what dealers do, how they do it, and why. We build long-term partnerships to provide each business with the freedom to make crucial decisions. Our unparalleled automotive solutions offering sets us and our partners ahead of the rest in the industry.

Our Goal Is To Help You Maximize Your Profit.


A Culture of Giving

We create opportunities for associates and their families to give back to the charities and organizations they are already passionate about. When hiring, we look for people who care about their community. Because we believe that care for your surroundings translates to care for your work. We nurture a culture of passionate givers to serve you and our communities better.


Steven Burns

Founder & CEO

Put simply, Steven is a genius. He’s equal parts right and left-brained, equal parts auto industry expertise and yo-yoing skills. He appreciates simple things, like chocolate, common sense, and great vinyl records. Steven is always looking for interesting challenges and innovative solutions, a character trait that got him featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 40 Under 40.

Karen Muscutt

Chief Financial Officer

Team player, executive baller and mother of 3, Karen always brings her A-game. She’s a professional sports fan, and let’s just say you don’t want to be up against her in a game of hockey. Her hands-on, no-whining approach to work makes her utterly dependable in the clutch.

Patrick Barrows

Vice President of Finance and Product Development

Patrick is a connoisseur of fine wine and good ideas. A modern man of impeccable style and taste, Patrick knows how to make a smart first impression, and has worked in pretty much every area of the auto industry for thirty years. His motto is, “with a good cabernet, anything is possible.”

Varnado D. Williams

Director of Virtual Portfolio Management

Ever since he was a little boy, Varnado wanted to be a business man, complete with a pressed suit and bow tie. Over the past two decades, Varnado has closed 80,000 loan application deals. From vacations in Italy with his wife to designer clothes, Varnado knows how to appreciate the finer things in life.

Tricia Jurkoshek

Director of The Business Development Center

Mountain climber and corporate climber, Tricia has over 19 years of experience in the auto industry. Her winning personality and all-star golf game make her an unbeatable team player. And as an avid mountain biker, Tricia knows a thing or two about leaving her competitors in the dust.

Scott Tarkowski

Director of Training

Scott is smooth, like cool jazz. He’ll school you on everything you need to know to work in sales, and on more than you’ll ever need to know about music trivia. Scott always gives 100% to even the smallest of tasks, because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

Stephanie Haase

Director of Lead Generation

Don’t let Stephanie’s poker face fool you - she’s a driven team player, ready to ace whatever you throw at her. A pro when it comes to helping clients cash out, Stephanie takes care of her customers to help them be successful. Did we mention she’s really, really good at poker?

Shawn Ragon

Regional Finance Director

Shawn is a team captain who knows the auto insurance game inside and out. He’s a pro at helping his fellow players strengthen their skills, and you won’t find a more committed coach in the industry. Shawn is always ready to perform at a moment’s notice, especially when it comes to golfing, fishing, and being a dad.

Kenny Kelly

Regional Finance Director

After 18 years of retail car business experience, Kenny Jumped in to the corporate side of the business to allow his passion for teaching and training to merge with his love for the automotive industry. Passion is the fuel that motivates Kenny to lead teams in and out of business. As a father of 4 boys, and husband for 17 years he is always leading a team.