Automotive Sales Managers Drive Sales.

MOTiiV Can Help.

Automotive Sales Managers are the face of the automotive business and as such they are essential to the dealership. Their customer service and managerial skills drive the success of your team. MOTiiV’s customized services can help Automotive Sales Managers be better prepared to meet their customers with products and services that enhance their experience.

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What is an Automotive Sales Manager?

An Automotive Sales Manager supervises and motivates their sales team while also promoting effective strategies to sell inventory. While they perform typical managerial duties, including organizing schedules, hiring, training, and goal setting, they work closely with their team and assist them by creating strategies, budgets, and promotions. Automotive Sales Managers are largely focused on promotion and empowering their teams through training and sales strategies. These managers help ensure the success of the dealership before the customer ever steps on the lot and gives their team a framework throughout the sales process. Their success can be measured by the success of their team and their sales.



What skills should an Automotive Sales Manager have?

An effective Automotive Sales Manager should have strong customer service skills, experience in automotive sales, and be effective communicators. They also need effective organizational abilities to keep their team running smoothly as well as clear written communication and promotional abilities. Dealerships rely on Automotive Sales Managers to bring in new clients with new promotions and to direct their teams effectively. While some Automotive Sales Managers are involved in the selling process, usual day-to-day responsibilities will include:


• Managing the sales team
• Developing and executing new promotions
• Ensuring excellent customer service and satisfaction
• Working with sales team and customers to close deals


MOTiiV Drives Sales Personalized Dealership Support

MOTiiV provides practical tools that support the needs of your sales team. Customer experience is defined by their interactions with the sales team and it is essential for the Automotive Sales Manager to be able to offer customized and personable service. MOTiiV prepares dealerships to build connections with their clients and experience substantial profits. MOTiiV’s process is designed to help Automotive Sales Managers succeed with services such as:


Automotive Sales Manager Training

MOTiiV offers the only performance-based sales training to help your team succeed. Only pay for your results and learn in customized classroom and virtual experiences. Our competitive sales training programs for automotive sales managers helps dealerships learn to generate more leads, close more sales, and ultimately sell more cars.


Maximized Automotive Leads and Sales

Comprehensive Sales Metrics

MOTiiV can provide thorough sales analytics that can help your dealership improve sales performance.


MOTiiV provides more than just training and sales. With tailored service contracts, insurance services, and a call center to work with customers, MOTiiV services help keep customers connected and set up sales teams for success.


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