BDC Managers Drive Traffic.

MOTiiV Can Help.

The internet is more important to the car buyer’s journey than ever in 2020 and that has made it business-critical for dealerships to manage their Business Development Center effectively. MOTiiV’s turn-key Business Development Center solutions provide a vital stream of traffic to dealership sales teams and can enhance, or even outperform, the daily duties of a BDC Manager.

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How MOTiiV Helps

What is an automotive Business Development Center Manager?

A Business Development Center (BDC) Manager bridges the divide between car shoppers online and the showroom floor at the dealership. According to a 2019 study from Cox Automotive, 61% of the time that consumers dedicate to shopping for a vehicle is spent online. Effective BDC managers capture these leads using inbound marketing strategies on their dealership websites. Personalization tools like payment calculators and electronic finance forms can engage potential buyers and communication methods like marketing emails or phone calls can nurture leads closer to a purchase decision. BDC Managers spend countless hours tweaking every detail of the dealership website and managing databases of customer information. Ultimately, however, a Business Development Manager is judged by his or her ability to convert online auto leads into sales.


What skills does a BDC Manager need to have?

The best BDC managers have strong communication skills, a deep understanding of the car buying process, and are internet savvy. Dealership sales representatives rely on the BDC manager to provide them with a reliable stream of potential buyers, so it’s crucial for a BDC manager to be able to attract, convert, and close leads. The day-to-day of BDC management can vary greatly based on the needs of different dealers, but common BDC manager responsibilities include:


• Management of the dealership CRM platform
• Developing and executing inbound marketing tactics
• Providing support to the Automotive Sales Manager & sales team
• Maintaining the dealership Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
• Tracking and reporting on sales metrics


MOTiiV Outperforms In-House BDC Management

The Business Development Center from MOTiiV provides turn-key solutions that align perfectly with the essential benefits of a BDC Manager. It’s true that BDC Management is crucial to every dealership, but it is handled differently from dealer to dealer. Many dealerships hire a single BDC Manager to handle inbound and outbound marketing for their dealership in-house and MOTiiV can be a valuable partner in that effort. In many cases, however, dealerships discover that it’s possible to achieve even greater results by relying on the combined expertise of a team of professionals instead of a single individual. Business Development Center solutions from MOTiiV satisfy the core functions of a BDC Manager with services such as:


Generating Leads & Driving Sales

The MOTiiV platform delivers comprehensive customer prospecting, nurturing, and retention to generate more business and drive dollars.


Maintaining Dealership CSI

MOTiiV will conduct CSI calls and set Sold First Service or Next Service Appointments on behalf of the dealership. We capture and verify email addresses and ensure satisfaction and dealership quality after purchase or repairs.


Tracking and Reporting Sales Metrics

MOTiiV can provide detailed analysis on why a purchase wasn’t made with store visits and phone ups.


However, MOTiiV provides services that go beyond the capabilities of a single manager. Our call center can notify customers about recalls and schedule appointments to have services completed. As customers near the expiration of their leases we can conduct Lease Renewal Notifications. We can even maintain contact with your customers to give them the option to take advantage of manufacturer programs, declined services, or maintenance reminders.


For more information, check out our Business Development Center solutions page or get in touch to get our call center working for you.

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