Qualified leads are the lifeblood of the automotive sales industry. When you or your sales agent connect with a buyer who is ready and able to make a purchasing decision it is a beautiful thing. In order to attract with more of these leads you need to understand the process of lead generation, the true distinction between unqualified and qualified leads, and why lead generation is vital to the success of your business. Once you are clear about the process of getting leads that convert into customers you can take the steps necessary to get more of those leads.

What is Lead Generation?

The broad definition of lead generation is any activity that connects you with potential customers. You can generate leads from various forms of marketing such as direct mail, signage, and social media ads. You can handle lead generation in-house with a marketing team and cooperation from sales agents. Many automotive dealerships also work with lead generation experts to not only bring in leads but find the ones that will actually turn into sales.

The Difference Between Unqualified and Qualified Leads

There is a major difference between an unqualified and a qualified lead. For a basic example, at an automotive dealership, a person who knows what they can afford and is approved for financing would be considered a qualified lead. A person who is just browsing and has not taken steps to figure out financing is a less qualified lead. Ultimately, a qualified lead is a person who is ready and able to take action in the form of making a purchase. Getting qualified leads helps your sales agents be more efficient with their time and close more deals.

Why Lead Generation is Vital to the Success of Your Auto Dealership

Lead generation is vital to the success of your business because it can bring customers who are ready to make a purchase to your dealership. If you invest in a lead generation service that provides pre-qualified leads, you can save time and resources because you do not have to go through the process of qualifying the leads yourself. MOTiiV offers a service that provides automotive dealerships with pre-qualified leads. The team at MOTiiV capture motivated sales leads who are ready to buy and then verifies the leads before delivering them directly to you. Using MOTiiV for this part of the process allows you and your sales agents to spend more time closing sales and less time chasing appointments. You can leverage the power of lead generation to bring in pre-qualified leads to your automotive dealership. This can help you maximize efficiency and profit for your dealership. And, making sure leads are qualified before setting up an appointment will help improve the buying experience of customers. Getting qualified leads can transform your business but finding them can be a complicated process. Consider using MOTiiV’s pre-qualified lead generation service to get qualified leads rolling in. Partnering with MOTiiV will allow you to focus on serving your customers while receiving consistent and pre-qualified leads.